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J. S Bach Vol. 1

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J. S Bach Vol. 2

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The Fabulous French Vol. 1

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The Fabulous French Vol. 2

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Louis, Louis!

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Fanfares and Noels

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The 20th Century

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Major Works in Minor Keys

Musique Heorique
Musique Heroique

Music for the Virtual Organ and Orchestra

About Virtual Pipes

About Robert Kingdom

Virtual Pipes is music performed on the Virtual Organ by Robert Kingdom using MIDI sequencing, MIDI samplers and other audio equipment.
     The computer is the great equalizer, so those of us with less than virtuoso capabilities can produce music that is meant to equal or surpass performances created in real time. Since there are no actual instruments, the terms "Virtual Organ" and" Virtual Orchestra" are applied here.
     The musical note events are either sequenced manually or scanned using music pattern recognition software. The sequencing program used provides control over all musical properties, such as tempo, crescendo, diminuendo, articulation and sound changes.

Robert Kingdom studied Organ performance with William Van Ornam and Thomas Hazleton while receiving a degree in Music from West Valley College in 1972. In the classical organ field, he is especially well known for his improvisations and arrangements. Two of the selections in the "Fanfares and Noels" CD are arranged by him.
     He also installed and maintained both classical and theater pipe organs in the San Francisco bay area, thereby developing a keen ear and sense of good tonal balance under the guidance of Edward Millington Stout III.
      Robert continues to maintain an active interest in organs and performing organ music and is the president of the Portland, Oregon chapter of the ATOS.

About the Music

Sound Production in Virtual Pipes CD's

The music selected for the Virtual Pipes CD's is chosen to showcase the great organ and orchestral composers of the 17th century through the 20th century. 
     The first two CD's feature the works of J. S. Bach. The individual pieces have been selected to take advantage of the musical potential where the player is no longer limited to what can be done with ten fingers and two feet. The individual voices can have their own sound assigned, so the clarity of Bach's counterpoint is enhanced.
     Many of the CD's feature works where both organ and orchestral sounds are combined. This approach is especially suited to the passionate Romantic era works of the French composers, featured in the Fabulous French series and in the dazzling Louis Vierne collection.
     For the Christmas season, "Fanfares and Noels" contains favorites for the most joyous of times.

Sounds heard in the "Virtual pipes" series are from MIDI samplers (Gigastudio) and custom Sound Fonts™. Sound Fonts are files processed by the computers' sound card. They have been laboriously and meticulously refined to produce lifelike and accurate pipe organs sounds and ensembles. The audio outputs of the samplers and sound cards are converted to digital signals for recording. 
     The virtual acoustic environment is produced by a digital reverberator, which provides infinite control of the rooms or spaces that the instruments play into. Any acoustical space can be achieved, from a small wood paneled drawing room to a vast gothic cathedral. 
     The combined audio is recorded directly onto a master and copied digitally, so there is no degradation of the recorded sound. Click here for the equipment list used in the Virtual Pipes CD's.


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