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J. S Bach Vol. 1

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J. S Bach Vol. 2

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The Fabulous French Vol. 1

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The Fabulous French Vol. 2

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Louis, Louis!

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Fanfares and Noels

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The 20th Century

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Major Works in Minor Keys

Musique Heorique
Musique Heroique

  Louis, Louis!

The Organ Music of Louis Vierne


Carillon de Westminster
Clair de Lune
Allegro     (Organ Symphony no. 2)
Largo       (Organ Symphony no. 2)
Scherzo    (Organ Symphony no. 2)
Cantabile  (Organ Symphony no. 2)
Finale       (Organ Symphony no. 1)
Au Soir     (from "Les Angelus")
Allegro Vivace (Organ Symphony no. 1)
Finale       (Organ Symphony no. 6)


Description part # Price
Louis, Louis! VP1005 19.95

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