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J. S Bach Vol. 1

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The following are available from local sources (Portland, Oregon metro area). Most items will require some level of refurbishment, unless indicated as very good or excellent condition. Contact me for more details and additional pictures.

This list is presented as a clearing house for all the organ parts and ranks available in the Portland, Oregon metro warehouses. There are different owners of these items, so if price negotiations are required, you may be referred to the owning person or party. 

Packing, shipping, crating and transportation to freight terminal
Large items can be shipped at a discount through YRC freight or your choice of freight carriers.
For very large items such as 16' wood pipes or windchests, contact www.uship.com   
Packing and shipping is additional cost. The buyer pays for shipping, packing/crating and transportation to the freight terminal. 
Smaller items can be shipped UPS, Fedex or USPS. 
When asking for shipping cost estimates, please, oh, please indicate where you live (your state, city, street address and zip code would be helpful). 
Local pick-up of large items is encouraged.     
We are located in the Portland, Oregon metro area which is the western US. Not Portland, Texas or Portland, Maine.
International shipping of large items:

Buyer must do all the work as far as getting quotes, arranging pick up, customs, etc. We will provide the dimension and weight of the crates.   

Theatre Pipe Organ Items

Morton Items:


Kinura 8', 61 pipes, fair condition, some corrosion, can be cleaned easily. 15" pressure - $275.00 Pix available Provenance link

Clarinet 8', 61 pipes, good condition, 10" pressure, top 12 notes are flues. - $450.00 Provenance link

Vox Humana 8', 61 notes, 8" pressure, good condition, will need some  boot seams soldered -  $150.00  Provenance link

Oboe Horn 16'. 12 notes with windchest (about 9' long) and racking. Wood resonators, not mitered, full length (16'), probably 15" w/p - $1850.00 

Concert Flute 8', 85 notes, open from tenor C, 10" w/p, 8' octave on 15" w/p $125.00

Flute Celeste 8', 73 notes, original Morton Flute Celeste, goes with above concert flute, 8' octave on 15" but smaller scale - $125.00  

Open Diapason 8' 45 scale, 73 notes, 15" w/p,  complete to 8' good condition - $300.00

Diaphonic Diapason 8, 42 scale 73 notes, 15" w/p, 3 notes missing in bottom octave - $250.00

Wood diaphone 16', 12 notes, full length, not mitered, 15" w/p. Goes with above Diaphonic Diapason, $2500.00  

Stopped Diapason 8', Wood, missing metal trebles and two notes from middle. Fair condition, 10" w/p, make offer

Tuba 8', 61 pipes, 15" w/p $800.00 

Tuba 16' 12 pipes, 15" w/p with offset chest. Not mitered. $900.00 

Trumpet, 73 pipes, 15" w/p. Very nice condition, $800.00 


Xylophone, 37 notes, wood bars, box resonator, late action, will need refurb and clean up, $300.00

Chrysoglott, 49 notes, metal bars with resonators, Early action, will need refurb. $500.00

Chimes, 20 notes with action, $100.00

Wind Chests

Various non Carlstadt chests, inquire, make offer 

16' Tuba chest, 12 notes, make offer

Tremolos and Regulators

Standard size Tremolos, in playing condition, 3 available, $75.00 each

Numerous reservoirs various sizes, $75.00   


Four Manual Morton Console - Absolutely original console, no modifications from original at all. It is an "air" console, as original. Has 2nd touch on Pedal, Accompaniment and Great. Has a few blemishes on on the veneer, otherwise its in excellent condition. More information available to interested parties only. Sold as is, where is, with console dolly.  Buyer to arrange for shipping.  make offer

Console parts
Morton dog leg bench, white, $100.00.

Other Pipework:

Wicks Tibia Clausa - 73 notes, from a Wicks Pizza Organ. 6-8" w/p Same scale and configuration as a Wurlitzer 10" scale Tibia. Immaculate condition $450.00 

Dennison Saxophone 16' 12 notes, looks like small scale Trumpet - $745.07

Dennison Horn 8' (Oboe Horn), 5" scale, 9 1/2" w/p. Sounds like muted Trumpet, some corrosion on zinc, $300.00

Unknown Posaune 16',12 notes was playing on 8" w/p. $301.05 

Dennison Tuba Mirabilis 8' (Marr & Colton), 61 notes, 15" w/p, very good condition, $2500.00 

Marr & Colton Viol d Orchestra and Celeste 8', 73 notes, 9 1/2" w/p. Similar to Wurlitzer, good condition, $950.00 both ranks 

Marr & Colton Salicional 8', 61 notes, some lead content, very good condition, 9 1/2" w/p $400.00

Dennison (Marr & Colton) French Horn 8', 61 notes, 9 1/2" w/p - $750.00 

Other Percussions and etc:

Aluminum wind line flanges - various sizes $ 1-6 as per size 

Wicks Toy counter. Complete and in working condition. Will play on 5" w/p. Bass drum, Snare Drum, Cymbal, Tom Tom, Castanets, Tangerine, BIrds, etc.  $500.00 Pictures on request.  

Wurlitzer Items: 




Wood Diaphone, 16' , 18 notes on two chests (C/C# split, 9 notes each), large scale. No mitering 15-25" w/p. $2500.00  

Metal Diaphone, 16', 12 notes with wind chest. Linen lead finish 10" w/p - $650.00

Open Diapason, 73 notes, Standard fare Wurlitzer item. 10" w/p - $150.00   


Wurlitzer Toy Counter, Bass drum,  snare drum, Tom Tom, Castanets, Tambourine, Triangle, Cymbal, wood block, bird whistle, Klaxon horn, Whore's Hoofs, Fire gong, etc. Will need complete refurbishment.  $800.00O - OBO


5 Rank Main windchest, Clarinet, Viol, Flute, Viol Celeste, Open Diapason, lead cap, $1000.00 

3 Rank Solo windchest, Tuba, Tibia, Vox, Lead cap - $800.00  


Wurlitzer Side Man rhythm unit, fair to good condition, it works. needs new grill cloth - $500.00 

Spencer Orgablow, 7 1/2 Hp, 42" case, 3 phase, 208 VAC. - $1500.00 

Classical Pipe Organ Items



Aeolian Open Metal Flute 8', high lead content, not harmonic, arched mouths, stopped wood basses, 4-5" w/p, $300.00

Aeolian Salicional and Voix Celeste 8', delicate pipe work, needs some repair, crated, ready to ship. $300.00


Moller Cor Anglais, 7 1/2' w/p , from Choir division, excellent condition, - $1500.00

Unkown maker Trumpet, Lower pressure (4-5"), small scale, no harmonic trebles, top octave flues, $350.00

Virtual and Electronic Organ Items

Consoles and Organs



Send mail to Robert_Kingdom@msn.com with questions or comments about this web site and products.
Last modified: April 01, 2015