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J. S Bach Vol. 1

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J. S Bach Vol. 2

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The Fabulous French Vol. 1

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The Fabulous French Vol. 2

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Louis, Louis!

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Fanfares and Noels

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The 20th Century

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Major Works in Minor Keys

Musique Heorique
Musique Heroique

Fanfares and Noels is a virtual journey of festive Christmas music. This journey takes us to chapels, churches, cathedrals, and concert halls where people have celebrated Christmas for many centuries.

Archbishops’ Fanfare        Francis Jackson

This fanfare announces the arrival of the Archbishop at a Christmas service in a vast cathedral in 20th century England. The piece opens with a quartet of trumpets sounding the main theme backed up by full organ, tympani and percussion. 

Noel Etranger                        Claude D' aquin

·      Noel  Grande Jeu et Duo        Claude D’aquin

Of the wrote twelve Noels D' aquin wrote for the organ, this one is a personal favorite. The main theme is announced on the Gedackt 8’ and Nazard 2 2/3’and repeated on many solo stops and minor choruses. The theme echoes between loud and soft divisions of the virtual organ. The Zymbelstern (literally “Bell Star”) is used on the last variation. The virtual place is a small church in 18th century France.

          Carol of the Bells                       K. Leontovitch

This traditional song lends itself to a fiery and spirited interpretation in the style of 19th century French composers. The virtual environment here is a cathedral in 19th century France, using the chimes and Carillon in the church steeple.  

In Dulci Jubilo                      J. S. Bach

Reputed to be by J. S. Bach, from the Orgelbuchlein no. 10. 

In Dulci Jubilo                     J. S. Bach


Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies      P. I. Tchaikowski

The Virtual Orchestra recreates the sensational introduction of the Celesta in the late 19th century.

H           Halleluiah Chorus (from the Messiah) George Frederich Handel

A contemporary of Bach, Handel wrote in a much different style. The wonderful piece seems to survive the test of time.

        The Trompette en Chemade introduces the work, with the foundation stops of the Great, Swell and Positif in relief. A brass ensemble supports the organ and a duet of trumpets sound the glory at the end, along with the full Great, Swell, Positif, Bombarde and Pedal divisions.

  I Believe in Father Christmas      Greg Lake

A Christmas song from the rock band Emerson, Lake and Palmer

       Christmas Fantasy                   Arrangement Robert Kingdom

Four traditional songs are heard in this collection and have four different styles of arrangement. Silent Night is a modern day harmonization of the 19th century hymn. The `Cello plays the melody, accompanied by the Spitzflote celeste. The second chorus has a string quartet playing a more traditional harmonization.

Adeste Fidelis is in the style of Louis Vierne from early 20th century France. A flourish played on Flutes 8’ and 4’ has the melody underneath, played on foundation stops 8’ and 4”. A Grande Jeu (full organ) Toccata repeats the tune, with the pedal organ playing the melody.

A brief interlude introduces the traditional Greensleeves. The treatment here alternates between a stark Recit reed chorus and Great Organ foundations with plaintive solo stops and lush accompaniments.

Ding Dong Merrily on High is a lighthearted rendering of this traditional French carol. The organ foundation stops accompany a solo trumpet. Later repeats of the melody uses the Trompette, Cornopean, Cornomeuse and Cornet stops. The wrap up this delightful little piece includes three solo trumpets.  

We wish you a Merry Christmas     Traditional English

Played by a raucous brass ensemble. Give us some figgy pudding or we'll play louder!

         I Wonder as I Wander            Robert Hebble

An arranger for the late organists Virgil Fox and Ted Alan Worth, Robert Hebble was a gifted composer as well. The piece is a simple treatment of the Appalachian folk song. 

Fanfare                                   Jacque lemons

Although not a Christmas piece, Fanfare is a festive way to wrap up this virtual journey. Many of the players heard previously appear, as well as a fly-by of good old St. Nicholas at the end. 

Jingle Bells Forever!                   Arrangement Robert Kingdom

John Phillips Sousa, Charles Marie Widor, George Frederich Händel and George Wright all pitch in their two cents worth on this traditional Christmas favourite.


A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices.

For yonder breaks a New and Glorious Morn……..




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Last modified: February 19, 2006